About Me


My name is Lindsey. I go by "Li" on my blogs thanks to a childhood nickname from a friend.

First things first, I am not a chef. Neither am I a photographer. Mostly, I'm just someone who's looking for gluten-free options in a gluten-filled world.

I was diagnosed with a wheat allergy when I was 15. I've been off and on gluten every couple of years since then, but have finally decided that I need to go completely gluten-free because of health issues. It's freeing and terrifying at the same time.

My goal with this site is to start compiling recipes that I've tried, developed, or created, as well as gluten-free resources that I've found extremely helpful. Feel free to add your thoughts and suggestions! Since I'm in lovely Cleveland, Ohio, I'm also going to include some gluten-free-friendly restaurant reviews.

Thanks for reading.

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