Friday, June 29, 2012

Eating Out

OK, so this isn’t exactly about cooking, but learning to eat out gluten-free is just as tough (or worse!) as learning to cook gluten-free.

Singapore Mei Fun -- This is a dish that most American Chinese joints will feature in their noodle dishes. Singapore Mei Fun is a dish usually made of rice noodles, a mixture of proteins (pork, shrimp, beef, etc.), vegetables, and curry powder. The curry adds a lovely spicy sweetness that makes this dish unique.

Salads -- In general, I do not like salads. I find most of them bland and boring. However, if you can find a really good salad (particularly an entree salad), it’s a great option to order as most of them are gluten-free.
One of my favorites to order is a wedge salad. These are generally crisp, wedges of lettuce served with bacon and bleu cheese dressing, sometimes with avocados and/or sprouts. Just make sure to ask them to leave off any croutons that may be included.
Indian Food --  the majority of Indian cuisine is made without flour and when it’s included a lot of the time it’s almond or chickpea flour.

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